3 Easy-to-Follow SEO Tips For Newbies

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on September 19th, 2011 by Team Pi

Proper SEO must be implemented if you are aiming  for high search engine rankings. That’s not exactly new information. A concrete SEO strategy needs to be devised and implemented, before taking a plunge in to the digital marketing space. That’s not new either. However, today we want to delve a little deeper. We are going to give away a bunch of simple tips which will help every digital marketing newbie understand the basics of SEO, and also see how they can use SEO to their benefit.

1. Prudent back-linking is one of the most important aspects of every successful SEO strategy. Even a few days back the rule was – higher the number of back-links, more the traffic to your website.
However, the situation is quite different now. Today, it’s quality that trumps quantity. Whenever you create content with embedded back-links, and submit the same to different article submission directories or online forums, be careful about content quality. Appropriate anchor text and keywords must be used to link back to your website, instead of a casual “click here”.

2. “Should graphics be used or not?“, is a question which has troubled even the biggies in the SEO world. As a beginner, you must know that search engines do not read graphical content, including Flash animation. But at the same time, these features, used judiciously, make your website more attractive. You must strike a balance between the amount of graphical and textual content. Using relevant keywords as tags for your graphical elements is a good way to have a graphics heavy website, but keep it SEO friendly too.

3. Keyword optimization is absolutely crucial for good SEO. You can rename your image files with appropriate keywords. Moreover, you can also use title tags for each image you’ve put up on your website or any social media platform you use. This way, you can maximize the usage of most keywords relevant to your niche.

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