3 Facts You May Not Have Known About Corporate Blogging

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on May 25th, 2011 by Team Pi

Corporate blogging can be a great way of reaching out to your clients, provided you do it the right way. Trouble is – very few people actually have a clear idea of how to do it properly. Sure, most companies out there maintain some kind of blog for chronicling their achievements, but not many of those blogs are popular among clients.

If you have been maintaining a blog for your company without getting many clicks on it, then chances are that you are doing something wrong. The following checklist should help you find out and avoid mistakes commonly associated with corporate blogging:

1.       Keep updating your company blog in a consistent manner. Do not post a couple of updates at the beginning of a month, and the next ones at the end of it. If it is not possible to update the blog every day, then at least make sure that one new post appears in every 2-3 days. Otherwise, readers would not have much interest in returning to your corporate blog.

2.       Do not turn your blog into a lifeless chronicle of the achievements made in recent times alone. If a company picnic was organized recently, for instance, ensure to have a post about it in the blog, along with some photographs. These little things make a blog more attractive to the common reader, who may not care much about the achievements made by your company in the first place.

3.       Make sure that the language used in the blog is formal, yet not overpowering. It is alright to use a formal tone of writing, but using words and phrases that are difficult to understand is a strict no-no.

Corporate blogs are meant to be the windows for companies in front of general public. Keep your blog updated regularly with information that even common people may enjoy reading about. And, you can be sure of getting way more visitors than you ever have before!

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