4 Ways LinkedIn Can Be Used To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

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on August 23rd, 2011 by Team Pi

There’s always been a close relationship between bloggers and social networking websites. Today, we are going to discuss one such relationship, and also tell you how you can actually benefit from this relationship. It’s the bond between blogs and professional social networking service LinkedIn.

Most of you may not know this, but LinkedIn can be used to promote your blog very effectively, driving more traffic to it. And it’s not too difficult either. It involves a few systematic steps, and you too can easily harness the power of LinkedIn to popularize your blog. Here are our 4 top ways -

1: You can auto-post your blog updates as your LinkedIn profile status. For this, you can use social media management tools like Socialoomph or Hootsuite. There are plenty of WordPress plugins available that offer the same facility.

2: You can add Wordpress, Joomla, BlogLink, or other such applications to your LinkedIn profile. This will ensure your recent posts are directly published to your profile, and viewed by those in your contacts.

3: You can set up your own group in LinkedIn, and focus discussions on your expertise. This will be a good way to promote your blog, as you can syndicate your blog feed to publish your fresh posts in your group discussion board.

4: Put a link in your LinkedIn profile and see to it that the label of this link is customized to your benefit. Now, when you do this, just make sure you avoid “my blog” kind of labels. This will dampen your efforts to promote your blog on LinkedIn.

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