A Quick Refresher On How To Get Started With Blogging

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on December 6th, 2011 by Team Pi
These days we constantly hear about new methods which are supposed to draw more traffic to our websites, personal or business. Today it seems that people are ‘really fast’ in writing things off once it doesn’t work for them quickly enough! Take the example of blogging, how many of us are confident that our every single post would draw quite an appreciable amount of traffic? Let’s face it, “we’re not sure”. As a result, we tend to run after new strategies, every now and then, and wouldn’t even hesitate to shell out a considerable sum to buy domains or pay another to host our blogs. However, the end result, in most cases, would still be ‘less-impressive’.
If someone said to you that there’s a secret recipe for successful blogging, be assured, it’s an over-rated statement. The reason why some blogs are exceedingly popular than the others and register enormous web-traffic do not depend on how attractive the theme looks or how appealing the pictures are. “It is what you share that matters.”  But again, not everyone who blogs is an acclaimed writer! So, what about them?  Well, it’s not the end of the world if you aren’t as good as Seth Godin! All that matters is “what you share” and “how you share” and whether your blog can ‘really’ live up to the expectations of your inquisitive readers.
So, before you start writing your post for the day, here’s a quick refresher on how to get started with blogging:
Focus on a Niche

Most popular blogs are concentrated on specific subjects, for instance technology, life skills, politics, online marketing, social media, fashion, and more. Select your niche. Pick a subject that you’re interested in. And you’ll find that it’s not that difficult to brainstorm for unique blogging ideas. The ideas would come to you naturally.
Know your Readers’ Pulse

If you’re looking to promote your company through blogging, your posts shouldn’t necessarily concentrate on the core areas of your business competencies. You should try to establish yourself as an expert in your business domain. Churn out meaningful posts; connect with your target audience by writing about industry-issues relevant to them. Your blog should serve as a ready source of information to industry-insiders, as well as offer advice and guidance to starters.
Reach Out

You shouldn’t only target people from ‘within’ your industry to read your blog. Reach out to as many people you can through your posts. Share ideas, discuss issues (relevant/ industry specific & general as well), offer advice and never forget replying to questions asked by your readers. You must make your blog subscribers realize ‘how special they are’. It is crucial to know what your target audience wants. Scan your previous posts. Identify, those older posts which registered the maximum number of feedbacks. Analyze popular posts and develop contents in sync with your most popular posts.

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