An Effective Title Can Draw More Visitors to Your Blog

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on May 3rd, 2010 by Team Pi

Studies regarding popular blog posts have revealed that an effective title can be instrumental in attracting large number of visitors to your blog. A blog title is the first impression for the reader. A catchy title would help to increase site traffic.

The title length of your blog should be as short as possible to retain reader’s focus. Short and to the point titles would result in more click-through and page views. You should include keywords in your blog title keeping in mind its popularity in search engines and its relevance with the subject. It is also recommended to write the title after finishing your post so that you can sum up the essence of your blog post in the title. An effective blog title should be precise and clear as to what a reader can expect in the content of a blog. It is not recommended to use common titles like ‘top 5′ or ‘top 10′ as they do not look professional. You should be honest regarding the relevance of your blog title and what the reader’s see in the title is what they should get. Readers should not get annoyed after finding that a blog title has no relevance with its content. Using current events as a reference in your blog title is also an effective way to create reader’s interest.

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