An Important Tip For Marketing To Digital Natives

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on December 26th, 2011 by Team Pi

Reaching out to an audience of 17- 34 year olds can be a difficult task since they were born during or after the introduction of new technologies. Through simultaneous interaction with digital technology, this audience is more informed about its concepts than those who came before them. Since they are so well informed, it is hard to bluff them. They understand selling strategies and won’t buy any product if they are not convinced about it’s worth.

One of the best ways to connect to digital natives or “Generation Y”, is through the mobile. This is more than a must than just a passing marketing tip. Generation Y is most likely to research on any service or product on their mobile phones than Gen X.  They are more tech savvy and do not want their time to be wasted. In order to save time, they multi task keeping many tabs open on their Internet browser while updating latest news through their iPhones, Blackberry’s and Androids. You can  market tools and applications which they can utilize to channelize their busy schedules. They will be more than happy to utilize your tool than be burdened with a product or application which is going to “hang” their devices and lives.

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