Apple vs. Google: The Battle For Mobile Advertising

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on April 7th, 2010 by Team Pi

Apple is reportedly planning to launch its own mobile advertising platform, iAd, after acquiring Quattro Wireless. If this is true, Apple would be competing directly with Google, whose AdMob acquisition is awaiting regulatory approval. Google’s strength is online advertising, which raises the question whether Apple, whose specialty is mobile technology, would be able to compete with a veteran like Google.

Google does have more experience with advertising, but Apple has a larger user base and better access to mobile advertising technology. Apple also has another advantage of being able to integrate Quattro’s technology onto its own mobile platform, while Google cannot utilize AdMob’s technology yet.

Google can counter these disadvantages by speeding up the FTC’s approval, and then use AdMob’s technology to create an advertising platform for apps. It should also bring together its technology with that of AdMob, to create a stronger web-based advertising platform. Ad optimization will make all the difference for either Apple or Google. Google has the advantage here, because of its experience with web-based advertising.

If in the near future, Apple would launch its ad platform for the iPhone, and if Google launched a similar platform for the Android, then Apple would win the fight because of its bigger fan base. However, with the growing popularity of the Android, Apple may not be able to maintain its advantageous market share for long.

The only solution for the companies involved to win the fight, is to increase their reach effectively to other platforms like Symbian and BlackBerry. Apple’s advantage of a bigger fan base may not last long against Google’s experience. This would definitely be an interesting technology battle to look out for in this year.

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