Are Crippling SEO Bloopers Lowering The Position Of Your Website On SERPs?

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on January 30th, 2012 by Team Pi

Have you been performing search engine optimization on your corporate website for quite a few months now, seemingly without result? Well, are you sure that you are not making any of the crippling SEO bloopers that even experienced professionals end up making sometimes? Indeed, these bloopers can be notoriously difficult to detect, until you notice the drastic lowering of the ranking of your website in search engine result pages (SERP).

However, once you witness a drastic reduction in the ranking of your website on SERPs, you need to take steps to remedy that, and as quickly as possible. Speaking of which, are you sure that you have not accidentally made an SEO blooper somewhere? Here are three of the most common examples of such mistakes. Check whether you have accidentally committed one of these:

1. Home page loaded with heavy Flash animation: Search engines usually give the home page of a website major preference over other internal pages. If you have loaded up that page with heavy animation and splash screens that cannot be crawled through by search engine bots, then you are missing a major opportunity of getting more visitors to your website. Clean up that page, ASAP!

2. Same title tags on all pages of the website: You won’t believe how many experienced SEO professionals believe this to be an acceptable practice. However, this is a mistake that can kill the SERP rankings of your website like nothing else. Search engines always index titles with pages. So, if you have used the same title everywhere, then the search engine bots are bound to get confused. And the more those get confused, the more the search engine ranking of your website will get lowered. Always use title tags related to the content of the pages.

3. Using generic anchor texts for all internal links: If you have the habit of using the text “click here” as anchor text throughout your website, then it is high time you changed it. Major search engines associate keywords used in anchor texts with the targeted pages. So, if you are using generic words there, you are bound to lose a lot of traffic right there, simply because many pages in your website will simply not be indexed.

SEO bloopers are of many different kinds, and it can be quite difficult to avoid all of those at all times, even if you are quite an experienced SEO professional. So, if you ever find the rank of your website going down steadily on SERPs, it makes sense to find out whether you have been doing something wrong with the SEO of the website.

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