Are Faulty SEO Tactics Affecting Traffic Flow To Your Business Website?

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on October 12th, 2011 by Team Pi

Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your business website can lead to a huge boost in the amount of traffic the site gets. Not surprisingly, this almost always has a positive influence over the number of sales you can make through the site. Indeed, even an entrepreneur with mediocre quality products on offer can make good profits, simply by virtue of his website. However, the occurrence of a reverse scenario is not impossible, either. Improperly done SEO, or even some basic mistakes made by inexperienced professionals can ruin the profit-earning potential of even the most well-designed business websites.

Have you been facing the second scenario, where your in-house SEO team has been working on your business website for months, without being able to show appreciable results? Well, perhaps it is time to make sure they are not committing any of the following 3 major SEO bloopers:

1. Using plagiarized/syndicated content on your website: Following the Panda update carried out by Google, this is comparable to committing instant suicide, as far as SEO is concerned. Most search engines now ruthlessly lower the rankings of websites using plagiarized content, or even stop following those altogether. Syndicated content is treated slightly better, but your website will still have very little chance of featuring on the first page of search results. For best results, always hire a reputed provider of content development services to get original text content created for your website.

2. Search engine bots being blocked via faulty scripts in robots.txt file: If your in-house SEO team has let this happen, you might as well ask them to look for jobs elsewhere. How are the search engines supposed to find your website in the first place, if you do not even allow their bots to access your website? Even if you have been promoting your website via social media marketing (SMM) campaigns, do not forget that a significant portion of your website traffic still comes through search engines. Keep the robots.txt file error-free, to ensure that the traffic flow continues without a hitch.

3. No sitemap: This is like dropping off someone in the middle of nowhere without a map or GPS unit. Without a proper sitemap, search engine bots visiting your website will be lost in the crowd of webpages, and not be able to follow specific sections. While this will still get you some traffic from search engines, the amount will be far lower than what you would get with a proper sitemap.

Improperly carried out SEO can prove to be the bane of business websites, irrespective of the kind of products and/or services offered in those. If your website has been receiving less than expected traffic flow lately, it is time to have a look at the kind of SEO being carried out on the site. And, if your in-house team seems particularly inept, would it not be wise to outsource the job to a reputable provider of search engine optimization services?

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