Blogging For Loyalty

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on May 12th, 2010 by Team Pi

Increasing brand loyalty is an important concern for all businesses and an efficient tool to manage this is blogging. Amongst the number of blogs available online, you must make a great effort to turn a first-time visitor into a regular one as this adds credibility to your social network and to your brand. To make your blog interesting and to ensure loyalty, you can try out the following tips:

Make it interesting: Your content should be concise, strong and interesting.

Consistency: Update your blog regularly. A random number of posts might lead to decline in quality of content.

Involvement: For a loyal readership, engage your readers in the blog by replying back to their queries and comments.

Use Social Media: Loyalty can be also be increased by following your readers. Usually they are found in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other social sites like Digg etc.

Promotion: There are a number of blogs that are posted online everyday. So promoting your blog is important. Using social media or using the URL of your blog in e-mail signatures are some of the available options.

Use available tools: Use online tools like Google Analytics, RSS feeds etc. to check your page views. Search engine optimization is also an available option.

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