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Using Keywords For SEO

June 10th, 2010 by Team Pi
Using the right keyword in your website’s page content can make a lot of difference to your site’s rank. If you have not optimized your site for search engines, your website may be lost in search results. Once you have decided on the keywords that you want to use, there some ways to use them [...]
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How To Select Effective SEO Keywords

June 8th, 2010 by Team Pi
Keywords are words or phrases you type in while searching for a product or service online on search engines. Selecting the right keyword helps to improve the rank of your Website. It is very important to know how to select the right keyword. The following tips might be useful. Repeat your keywords properly: It is very [...]
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Report: Blogging Population Dominated By The Youth

June 7th, 2010 by Team Pi
In a report by the research company Sysomos, out of the total online blogging population, 53.3% bloggers are between 21-35 years. 20.2% are under the age group of 20, while 19.4% are between 36-50 years. Only 7.1% bloggers are 51 years and above. Out of over 100 million blog posts analyzed, 50.9% bloggers are female [...]
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Marketing With A Personal Touch

May 27th, 2010 by Team Pi
It is easier to market your business when your customers can identify your brand with a face. There are many options available for business owners today to connect with potential customers. Before deciding to market your brand, you should decide on what you can offer to people to make you stand out from the crowd. Your [...]
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How Keyword Density Matters for SEO

May 20th, 2010 by Team Pi
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts talk of three main elements that concern SEO – the keyword list, your website’s keyword density, and link building. Creating a keyword list is the foundation of SEO. Once those keywords are selected, you need to build your keyword density determining how many times your key phrases related to your [...]
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eCommerce Solutions in a Nutshell

May 17th, 2010 by Team Pi
eCommerce or Electronic Commerce refers to the use of electronic networks for communicative and commercial purposes between different organizations, businesses or individuals. eCommerce solutions allow businesses and consumers to sell or buy products all over the world, through the electronic medium. However, eCommerce solutions are more than just tools to buying or selling products online. eCommerce [...]
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Blogging For Loyalty

May 12th, 2010 by Team Pi
Increasing brand loyalty is an important concern for all businesses and an efficient tool to manage this is blogging. Amongst the number of blogs available online, you must make a great effort to turn a first-time visitor into a regular one as this adds credibility to your social network and to your brand. To make [...]
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How To Make Your Blogs Better

May 10th, 2010 by Team Pi
Blogging is the easiest way to connect with your customers over the Internet. Online marketers need to know the tricks and tips for successful blogging. Well, there are no hard and fast rules for it, but yes, a few requisites can help to kick-start it. Linking: Creating a hyperlink and linking your blog with other Websites [...]
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The Secrets of Powerful Content

May 5th, 2010 by Team Pi
Quality content is what makes your article interesting and informative to read. Powerful content can add value to your email, blogs, sales letters, and comments and can result in better response from consumers. Some tips for writing value added content are given below: Suitability: Your content should suit your user’s need. Audience should understand your content [...]
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An Effective Title Can Draw More Visitors to Your Blog

May 3rd, 2010 by Team Pi
Studies regarding popular blog posts have revealed that an effective title can be instrumental in attracting large number of visitors to your blog. A blog title is the first impression for the reader. A catchy title would help to increase site traffic. The title length of your blog should be as short as possible to retain [...]
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