Celebrating the Life of Pi

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on March 15th, 2010 by Team Pi

Happy Pi Day everyone(though this this one day late)! Ever heard of Pi Day celebrations before? Celebrated on March 14 every year, this day is remembered as the day of the mathematical constant π (pi) and it also happens to be the birthday of Albert Einstein. The value of Pi is the ratio of the circumference of any given circle to its diameter. Pi is a magic figure and it stands as a symbol of something that is constant yet infinite.

The Mystery of Pi

It is a fact, and Marc Umile, famous for his unique capability of Pi memorization, rightly points out so, that without the implementation of the constant Pi many of the great engineering marvels, tunnels running under the ocean and through mountains, arches, and suspension bridges would be impossible to build. Things would constantly be in danger of collapse or lie incomplete without the marvel that is ‘Pi’. This mathematical mystery keeps one always hungry for the answer. The circle is hardly a complex shape, so how can the key proportion of a circle be so complex? The digits of Pi seem to continue to infinity… Right from Archimedes and Sir Isaac Newton to present day mathematical geniuses and supercomputers, none have been able to fathom the enigmatic Pi.

Why Pi?

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The reason why the 14th of March is observed as Pi day is actually because the date is written as pi to two decimal places – 3.14!Pi minute is also observed, interestingly this is precisely at 1:59 pm and Pi second which is at 1:59:26 pm! Some of the fun ways in which Pi Day is celebrated in various fun ways including the baking and eating of Pi shaped cookies, pie-baking, math-related activities, pi recitations, etc.

π = Team Pi

Team Pi embodies the essence of Pi with its firm commitment to caliber output along with innovation and exploration of endless possibilities. Team Pi represents a marriage between technology and creative content, each one largely dependent on the other in order for us to excel in our core competencies. Ultimately, the curiosities and paradoxes surrounding Pi continue adding to its charm. Pi has a universal appeal, and its significance in this world where structure and precision is of prominence cannot be undermined.

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