Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing

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on November 19th, 2010 by Team Pi

It’s something we have talked about earlier, but it’s something that definitely bears repeating because we still see instances where companies are treating digital marketing as a separate branch, something removed from their overall marketing efforts. Not only does this dull the edge of their marketing efforts, it also denies them the unique and innovative opportunities that present themselves when you combine the two forms of marketing. See, together, digital and traditional marketing can be much more than the sum of their parts. Take Corona Light’s viral ad campaign. By Liking their Facebook page, people can have their photo displayed in a giant billboard in New York Times Square. This is a fantastic combination of viral and traditional advertising, and it has brought the company amazing exposure. And Corona is hardly alone. The Livestrong Foundation did something just a few days ago.

The combined approach is becoming more and more important as ordinary people become more and more tech savvy. Social media marketing and digital marketing are no longer niche buzzwords, according to a Datran Media’s fourth annual Marketing & Media Survey, nearly half of all business owners feel that their social media forays will bring in results in 2010. More than 70% of them have either a Facebook Page or a Twitter profile, and sometimes both. However, combining the two forms of marketing often eludes most businesses. Thus TV commercials are rarely uploaded on YouTube, even though doing so would give them a good chance of going viral at no extra cost, and social media handles are not included in brochures and print ads. QR codes are another way of combining traditional and digital marketing platforms that are sadly overlooked. In some cases Facebook and Twitter profiles don’t even follow the same color or design scheme as the company logo, effectively destroying any brand goodwill.

It’s important to invest in digital marketing, but all business owners need to remember that it cannot be treated as a separate wing of the company. If company owners are to derive maximum benefit from their marketing endeavors, combining the two is the only way to go.

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