Creating a Blog Strategy For Your Business

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on May 6th, 2010 by Team Pi

Blogging is essential in any social media marketing plan, as it helps in brand awareness. A recent study has shown that marketers are most willing to invest in corporate blogs, thereby highlighting their importance. If you are new to blogging, establishing a blog strategy in your business can be difficult. There are three simple steps to be followed.

Deciding Your Goals and Strategies: Firstly, you have to decide your goals for your social media marketing plan, and then decide on a strategy to achieve results. There are four simple strategies that you could use – spreading corporate culture, branding, connecting with leaders, and building thought leadership.

Finding a Blog Writer: The person who will write the company’s blogs should meet certain criteria. He should understand what blogging constitutes and the purpose it aims to serve. He should be aware of the business industry and should be able to write fun yet opinionated blogs that will bring more followers to your site. The content published on your site should support the strategies you decided upon earlier.

Identifying Methods to Measure:

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You could set indicators to measure the performance of your blog. They could be based on the number of times the company is mentioned, blog comments, blog traffic, and the amount of sales generated by your blog.

The most important point to be remembered while blogging is that the first few months may not contribute much to your goals. But by persevering and continuing to provide meaningful content to your blog, you can soon be assured of a good following.

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