Digital Marketing All Set To Become Indispensable For Entrepreneurs

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on September 8th, 2011 by Team Pi

The constantly growing popularity of digital marketing techniques has proved to be a major asset to owners of small to medium sized businesses. It should not come as a surprise though, given the expansive reach of digital marketing compared to other, more conventional marketing techniques. After all, which technique gives entrepreneurs the ability to promote their products (or services) all the way across the globe on a shoestring budget?

The situation has not changed in 2011; in fact, the popularity of digital marketing seems to be at an all time high now. Also, a few new trends are fast emerging, which might provide major advantages to owners of SMBs.  These include:

The growing popularity of high end smartphones

Although not directly related to digital marketing, this may very well be the most favorable news for entrepreneurs. As high end smartphones are used by more and more consumers across the world, entrepreneurs will be able to use more advanced multimedia elements in their advertisements. For instance, an entrepreneur promoting a special offer that provides two products for a price of one could easily use a small video file to highlight the benefits of the offer.

The emergence of social shopping

Entrepreneurs are no longer dependent on search engines and ads placed on websites as means of promoting their products and services. With social shopping, any consumer who uses a particular product and likes it always has the option of recommending the same to his friends on the fly. This allows businesses to gain more consumers over time, without investing too much on promotions.

These two presently prevailing trends, along with quite a few others, are likely to make digital marketing the most favorite promotional technique used by entrepreneurs, within a couple years from now.

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