Editing, Gravity and some handy tips

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on July 20th, 2009 by Team Pi

Editing is like Gravity. It may be quite a drag, and eventually give you hanging bags under your eyes… but it is necessary nevertheless. Unless you’re cast in the same mould like the legendary Isaac Asimov, you’d fare much better with some quick editing, shaping your words for an easier and more pleasurable read. Here are some common errors that you need you look out for:

1. Extra long sentences

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Do a quick check for sentences that run on for more than three lines or have more than three commas. Strictly avoid them. Try rewriting into two or three short sentences. It will have a better flow and will be easier for your readers to follow.

2. Multiple paragraphs starting with the same word

A situation where two or more paragraphs start with the same word can be quite annoying. This can be especially annoying when it’s a name or pronoun that is being repeated.

3. Descriptive dialogue tags

Dialogue tags should also be short and simple, like ending with ‘he said’ or ‘she said’. It is advisable not to include character or settings descriptions as a part of the dialogue tag.


Wish we could write the word ‘never’ in caps to elucidate how caps should never be a part of your article. Most people tend to use caps to provide visual emphasis, but we would say – choose italics instead. Using the bold option is also helpful at times.

A final polish is essential to make your writing look good. So just be on the lookout for these common mistakes and your writing will pass with flying colors!

P.S: No tips for the Gravity part yet. But you can try pitching a tent on the moon…

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