Enhanced support for the Android through WeFi

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on April 13th, 2010 by Team Pi

WeFi is a commonly used crowdsourcing  site for finding the most easily and freely available Wi-Fi hotspots around us. This frequently used site has recently come up with a more updated version of the app specifically meant for windows PC and Android handset users. Using its database of over 56 million, the WeFi shows which access points are most reliable and worth using.

Most of us have often experienced that while being in a public area and trying to use a net connection we often get the option of numerous open hotspots within a small radius. Very often these hotspots are not really for free as they may appear. WeFi uses its database to not only identify the genuine hotspots, it shows their complete details too. This enables the user to use their current location and enter an address to see which hotspots are nearby. WeFi is enabled to give detailed information about the nearest hotels or café as well.

Detailed information can be read by clicking here.

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