Facebook Privacy: Will It Be Affected By the Open Graph?

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on April 21st, 2010 by Team Pi

With the Facebook Company’s plans to enable the Open Graph API and Protocol, the ability to integrate the websites and web apps within our already existing social network, adds to making it more robust than it already is. Though this new development is good news (making larger companies like Pandora, Microsoft and Yelp join in), it does raise a question over the user’s privacy, which has always been a much debatable issue.

In this new app, the restriction over data storage, which was a major cause of concern for the developers before, is removed. Facebook has made available certain login modules and done away with the ‘Facebook Connect’ branding.

The activity feeds and login boxes which would appear on the websites will now be more customized (making them more publicly viewable than before); and though this app will not affect the way our Facebook friend’s see our information, it will certainly make the information more contextual, as well as increase its online availability.

Detailed information can be read by clicking here.

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