Facebook to Be More Dynamic With the Launch of ‘Community Pages’

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on April 21st, 2010 by Team Pi

Facebook is going to link profiles and pages and has recently started an all-new way to share your hobbies, likings and interest in the form of ‘Community Pages’. This development came shortly after Facebook introduced “like” terminology where a user can click a button indicating that he liked the organization/page/brand instead of becoming fan of it.

In the newly launched Community Pages, a user can “like” topics or interests such as cooking, music, brands, among others. These pages do not have a wall as they are not run by individuals, and hence they cannot send updates. Community Pages can, however, import streams of relevant content from user status messages. With recent development, “liked” pages and community pages can be interlinked with user profiles. You can edit privacy and sharing settings of these new features because all information on these pages is public. A user can drag and drop a page from the profile and can even hide his user profile in case he does not want his profile to be like a billboard. This recent development is being made keeping specific user behavior in mind according to a Facebook spokesperson.

For more information, click here.

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