Get The Best SEO Boost – The White Hat Way

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on October 30th, 2011 by Team Pi

There are a number of companies which tend to cut corners to achieve better rankings. When you are a small business owner who has just hired an agency which guarantees better organic rankings in a day or two, you must know, either they are bluffing, or they will be doing it the ‘black hat way’. Here in this article, we provide you tips on how you can make the most of your SEO efforts, in as genuine manner as possible.

Get your site in order – If you have an old website with lots of flash, then regardless to say, you need to get your house back in order. There is no way Google is going to rate your website highly, when you employ designs and things that Google has specifically told you not to. Flash makes a website slow. Employ other creative means to get the message across and you will soon find that the website redesign is actually helping  you get more traffic. Make sure the CMS is working properly and providing you with no obstruction to the web crawler.

Engage – Be sure to make full use of social media and find out about the service that interests your customers. Get them to talk about your company and engage with them on various social networking platforms outside the ‘Big Two’ (Facebook and Twitter). When they see that you are consciously working towards getting their attention, sooner or later, they will reciprocate.

Integrate your online campaign with your off-line one
– There are a number of companies which simply don’t integrate their online and off-line campaigns. It’s all about giving customer a proper user-experience, no matter where they are vis-a-vis the brand. For example, when a customer sees an advertisement while driving somewhere, your Facebook Page’s link give him/her a chance to read up more on the advertisement. This way, you can even track the number of people interested in your brand/campaign. This will help you to not only redirect them to your website, thus aiding your SEO, but also help in formulating a perfect marketing strategy.

PPC campaign and Organic Ranking
– If your digital marketing agency tells you that going for a PPC campaign will help your organic ranking, then he/she is plain bluffing. This hasn’t been proved as of yet.

Keep the above tips in mind and you will soon see your website organic ranking go up.

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