Helpful Tips for Globalizing B2B Search Marketing

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on April 22nd, 2010 by Team Pi

The passing times have ensured the evolution of search market, and it’s about time that the B2B marketers take notice of this progress for greater opportunities.

Japan, China and the UK now have quite large search markets of their own capacities (28 billion searches between themselves). There has even been a double digit growth of the number of countries across the globe involved in this market, with France and Russia growing 61% and 92% , with Brazil following at 53% .

There has also been a worldwide growth of 46% from 2008-2009, including more than 131 billion searches, with the US searches accounting for a mere 17% totally. This makes the global search market represent 83% of the total search audience.

Some tips for starters:

  • To establish one’s own presence early: By researching the competitor’s presence in the market, opportunities for increasing one’s own search presence can be seized.
  • Being methodical while choosing markets for entry: Doing extensive market survey about other companies is important. Getting advice from the web analytics of one’s own company to decide upon which markets to target is always necessary. This guarantees smoother operations.
  • Research every target market: Being fully knowledgeable about a company before entering the global market is advisable. Being well researched ensures that the company’s campaigns are targeting the correct engines.
  • Localizing content: Localizing the content to cater to the target market is important. This would help the B2B decision makers to understand you, thereby increasing the chances of business.
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