Hotels Are Getting Into Digital Marketing To Attract Customers… Fast!

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on November 14th, 2011 by Team Pi

Remember the time when you used to book suites in hotels recommended by your friends and family, when you went on vacations? Those times are long gone! These days, people check out websites, travel blogs, or even their social media networks prior to a vacation, looking for hotels with the best customer service! Thus, it is hardly surprising that most hotels have shifted the focus of their promo campaigns towards the digital media as well.

Here are a few stats from the results of a recent survey carried out by HeBS (Hospitality eBusiness Strategies – a hotel digital marketing firm), which show how hotels across the world are reacting to the greatly increased popularity of digital marketing media:

1. 49.1% of major hotels around the world have shifted their promotional investments from offline methods to different kinds of digital marketing media.

2. 45% of all hotel bookings are expected to be made through the Internet in 2011.

3. 43% of hoteliers participating in the survey expressed interest in focusing their digital marketing campaigns more on social media. In fact, an even greater percentage of them recognized social networks as great promotional tools, offering excellent chances of getting greater Returns Over Investment (ROI) over others.

4. 14.6% more hoteliers than last year have expressed interest in setting up mobile websites with inbuilt booking modules.

Digital marketing is useful for almost any kind of business, and the hospitality industry is no exception to this rule. As time progresses, the dependence of hotels on digital marketing is bound to increase a lot more.

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