How Does Social Media Work?

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on April 27th, 2010 by Team Pi

Social media is the perfect platform to build your company’s online presence. Blog writing is one way of using social media effectively. However, to ensure more awareness about your brand, you must ensure that your content is placed at effective sources that will help bring in traffic to your website.

Once your content is created, you can submit at various social sites like Digg, or Twitter. If the content is good, the story is then retweeted or sent to other sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon or Facebook. If the content is viewed on most social sites, other companies will blog about your story, linking it back to your source story. Your story can then find its way into Google search results, based on the topic written. The search result can include links to your story via all the social media sites that have included it, linking it back to your website. It will also be featured on other sites like Yahoo, and AOL. This is how social media will work, depending on how good the content your website is.

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