How Effective Digital Marketing Strategies Can Avoid a PR Nightmare

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on February 17th, 2011 by Team Pi

Digital marketing is becoming more about creating a rapport with clients. Any company is after all, about people, both within and outside it. A company’s effective digital marketing strategy will pay off only when the company is able to develop a close relationship with the people who really matter.

There has been a great shift on how a company interacts with its customers. The power has gone to the hands of people with the advent of digital marketing. An enterprise can have a PR nightmare when it stops short of paying adequate attention to the audience. When your company has a digital marketing strategy, it will fall face-first if you don’t communicate with your customers.

A digital marketing strategy is all about letting customers know that you are there for them, all the time. This sense of assurance is vital for your company to achieve critical acclaim. The real trouble arises when you have a negative feedback to take care of. Here is what you should do:

Work on the possible scenarios beforehand – Digital marketers need to equip themselves with a thorough knowledge of their company. They should assess all the possible disasters which may happen and work accordingly.

Be swift in handling complaints – Make the most of your connectivity by effectively dealing with the problem and addressing the customers.

Don’t make it public – Social media marketing requires you to be careful when dealing with complaints. Approach a customer not through the public forum, but on a personal level. Apologize immediately and assure him that the problem will be dealt swiftly.

After you have solved the issue then you can conveniently post an update on your site. This will surely work wonders for your company’s publicity!

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