How To Deter Visitors From Posting Vulgar Comments On Your Company’s Facebook Page

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on December 13th, 2011 by Team Pi

If you have a page on Facebook representing your company, then making sure that no offensive comments are posted there about your business should be one of your prime concerns. Indeed, nothing ruins the reputation of a company faster than derogatory comments posted on its FB page by a disgruntled customer. However, if you try to threaten your followers with dire consequences in case they wish to get vocal regarding their dissatisfaction about your products and services, then you may soon have no followers at all. How can you handle this situation in a diplomatic manner?

Here is one easy step for accomplishing that. Simply add a tab to the Facebook page with an easy-to-understand title like “Ground Rules”, “Read Me First”, or such. Add a list of guidelines that a visitor must adhere to when posting any comment on your FB page. Make the text of the tab as easy to read and comprehend as possible. Use plenty of subheads and bulleted lists to help readers browse through the information quickly. Highlight certain significant sections using color, or different formatting styles (bold, italic, etc.).

Once you have such a guideline page added to your company’s FB page, you can rest assured that comments posted in there will remain within tolerance levels. And if someone does get a little carried away, you can always delete the comment. Do send a mail to the person though, stating that the violation of guidelines was the reason for deletion of his (or her) comment.

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