Interesting Facts about Bounce Rate

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on May 4th, 2010 by Team Pi

You must have used Google Analytics while optimizing your websites. It is a very important SEO tool used for site monitoring. It helps you determine the key issues of your site, including the bounce rate. Bounce rate is a term used in website traffic analysis. It simply indicates the number of visitors that leave your site without visiting any other page before a specified session-timeout occurs. A high bounce rate implies that you are not able to connect well with your visitors. This in turn implies that your site is not providing the visitors with their requirement.

If you have a blog, it might have a high bounce rate as the recent post stays on the first page only. So visitors tend to check it out and leave. But a high bounce rate can have a negative impact on your eCommerce site.

A simple solution to this problem can be to keep relevant content on your site. The user clicks on a link according to his specific query. You need to make sure that the text you use for your links should be relevant to your website. If you give the user what your links promised, then your bounce rate will be low.

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