Is Organic SEO More Effective?

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on March 16th, 2011 by Team Pi

A few days back we were having a casual discussion with an SEO expert who also happens to be one of our long-term clients…and the conversation turned to organic SEO; more specifically, about how different organic SEO tools can be used to make websites more search-engine friendly.

Any business indulging in fair SEO practices would agree that everything related to SEO is always evolving. The moment you think you’ve figured out this search engine game… Google, Bing and their ilk change the rules to keep everything in the world of SEO interesting. So, what’s the solution to this problem? Keep changing your SEO strategies every now and then, which would negatively influence your website rankings…or focus on organic SEO to earn high search engine ratings for your web pages?

Now, what exactly is organic SEO?

Well…to keep it short and simple, organic SEO is all about getting ranked in the first few pages on search engines without paying the search engines for favorable placement. So, how do web pages accomplish this? It’s strictly based on the relevancy of the content that is present in your website. And, since your search engine rankings are based on the quality of content that’s present in your website…your website retains good standing in different search engines for a long time. This is completely opposite to what happens when you pay Google or Yahoo to buy ad space for your website.

Stay tuned to our blog, we will come back next week to discuss about the different organic SEO tools which make your website more SEO-friendly!

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