Make Sure That Your Content Is Safe From Plagiarism

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on April 6th, 2011 by Team Pi

With Google’s new algorithm update aka Google Panda…a large number of websites were stripped off their search engine rankings because they had duplicated content. Stuffing low-quality data and duplicate content will no more be useful to anyone trying to increase search engine ratings for his website. Your content must be completely original, unique, and useful in case you are aiming to increase the web presence of your business.

Google’s web crawlers check your website content regularly to ensure it’s fresh and not plagiarized. Copying text, even a part of it, from other websites can turn out to be disastrous. In fact, copying content from one page to another within the confines of your own website too can have serious consequences. In case you are trying to preserve and enhance the search engine reputation for your website, avoid duplicate content anywhere in your website!

A few days back, German automaker BMW suffered a severe setback when they were “blacklisted” for not following Google’s norms, proving even big businesses are not immune to Google’s ban-hammer.

When you are hiring services of professional content developers, it’s your responsibility to ensure the content is not plagiarized. See to it that they create original content not only for some of the pages in your website, but all the pages. While publishing any content, you must be also careful with tagging.  Wrong tagging with keywords which are irrelevant to your niche will lead to search engines regarding your website as fraudulent.

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