Online Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

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on April 26th, 2010 by Team Pi

Research findings on peer influence and word-of -mouth marketing revealed some surprising statistics. Marketing analysts Josh Bernoff and Augie Ray gave a presentation on the same along with some smart tips for marketers.

Ray said that it is necessary to keep in mind that influencers are diverse. He hypothesized a Peer Influence Pyramid that breaks down influencers into three types: Social Broadcasters (at the top), Mass Influencers (middle), and Potential Influencers (bottom of the pyramid). Marketers should target every influencer group in distinct ways.

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Social Broadcasters tend to hate traditional press releases. According to Ray, the secret to dealing with this group is to build relationships. In order to deal with the Mass Influencers, you would want to keep them engaged over time by reaching out and addressing them between major campaigns. Reaching Mass Influencers involves giving them something to talk about. As a marketer, you need to understand their characteristics and give them more content that they would want to share.

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