Organic SEO vs. Artificial SEO

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on July 29th, 2010 by Team Pi

We feel that the title of today’s post warrants some explanation.

To those who are already familiar with SEO (search engine optimization), the epithet “Artificial” may appear unfamiliar. Relax, what it actually implies is what is better known as Black Hat SEO.

Then why not call it so?

This is largely because of the modus operandi of Black Hat SEO which involves a heavy reliance on artificial or ‘unnatural’ means to boost ranks.

Black Hat SEO is seen to be distinctively different from White Hat organic SEO in its approach to the subject and sustainability. While White Hat SEO relies more on boosting ranks through content driven processes, in compliance with guidelines laid down by the search engines themselves and following a natural, organic process, Black Hat aims to artificially boost ranks through inorganic, technologically driven processes.

You need to understand the distinction between the two well in order to decide better. Read more about it here.

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