OrSiSo – Is This The Right Time To Download It?

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on November 7th, 2009 by Team Pi

OrSiSo is the new kid on the Social Media Aggregator block, that elite group of programs designed to make your social media activities a little less hectic. In case you are wondering what the name means, it’s a take on “Organize – Simplify – Socialize”, the three areas where OrSiSo promises to help you. Developed by Singapore-based Aureliant Pte Ltd, OrSiSo is still in its Beta phase, busy patching up a few holes before its final release.

Our experience with the software elicited mixed reactions. Built on the Adobe Air platform, OrSiSo sports a sleek contemporary look. If you don’t quite fancy the default black skin, you can make it wear a different one from the built-in set of about a dozen other hues. The program runs in its own window after getting installed on your PC. The installation package downloaded quickly enough (under 1 minute on our 256 Kbps connection) and got installed without any problems. But we were wrong. Our troubles were only beginning.

Orsiso Dashboard

The Orsiso Dashboard

As we found out quickly enough, OrSiSo, in spite of all the best intentions of its developers, is a slow program. Unless you are blessed with a speed demon for a computer, with plenty of RAM on board and copious processing power to spare, OrSiSo is likely to let you down from a sheer lack of responsiveness. We knew we were pushing our luck when we tried launching OrSiSo with just 1GB of RAM. It seemed like ages as it took its sweet little time to get started, load all our friends, collect all the updates, and get it all ready for use.

We also found the rather paltry list of social media services available a tad disappointing. The AIM is a surprise entry in a list comprising such popular networks as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, MSN, and Yahoo.

What was particularly disconcerting was the erratic behavior of the program with Twitter. A lot of the tweets pulled in from our Twitter account didn’t have a name attached to them. The problem was partially resolved after a long and tenuous restart. Moreover, OrSiSo seemed to stop importing people from our list of followers after a certain point. We have around 650 followers but OrSiSo could manage to import only about 60% of them.

So, is OrSiSo a good tool to use? Frankly, we don’t know yet. It certainly has the potential to evolve into something really good and useful, but that’s not happening too quickly. There are still some major areas for improvement and the developers at Aureliant will have to fix a few bugs, give a facelift to the interface and really work hard on improving its usability before OrSiSo can start being taken seriously by most of us.

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