Pitfalls To Avoid When Blogging For Your Business (Part – 1)

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on December 19th, 2011 by Team Pi

Will you believe if someone told you that 95% of blogs started across the globe get abandoned shortly after getting launched? A survey recently conducted by Technorati has proved just that. And let’s not forget, around 30% of those are business blogs. If you Make sure that your business blog does not end up like all those dead and abandoned ones across the globe. Start it off on right track by avoiding the usual pitfalls in corporate blogs, given in this two-part post. Here are the first five pitfalls, which you need to avoid like cancer when blogging for your business:

1. Starting the blog without discussing with BoD: You are going to blog about your entire business, so it definitely makes sense to hear what the other members of the Board of Directors have to say about it. Some of them may be able to provide you with valuable guidelines and insights regarding how you should present the company’s goals and ideals in the blog.

2. Working on the blog without a detailed plan: Before you write a single post for the blog, make sure you have a structured plan in your hands. It will help you keep track of the goals you have in mind about the blog, and verify whether those are being met, at regular intervals.

3. Not investing in a content management system (CMS): If you do not have enough resources at hand to go for a paid CMS, at least consider getting one of the free, open source ones, like Joomla or Drupal. There are so many Joomla and Drupal development services available out there that managing the blog should not be a problem at all.

4. Running the blog without proper SEO and SMM: Make sure that search engine optimization and social media marketing are always being done for your blog. Ask SEO specialists to optimize the content using relevant keywords, and use social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to bring more visitors to your blog.

5. Discontinuing the blog due to poor reader response: During the initial stages, it is quite normal for a blog to have very few, or even no responses from readers. Do not let that dishearten you. Keep posting high quality content, along with carrying out proper SEO and SMM. Your visitor count should improve constantly that way.

Be sure to avoid the pitfalls mentioned above, when blogging for your business. And do not forget to check out the second part of this guide with five more pitfalls you need to cautiously avoid, coming in a fortnight.

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