Pitfalls To Avoid When Blogging For Your Business (Part – 2)

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on January 3rd, 2012 by Team Pi

Last time, we discussed 5 pitfalls, which you need to avoid when blogging for your business. This time, we would like to share with you 5 more pitfalls, which you may not recognize as something that can actually prevent your business blog from becoming really popular. Take a look:

1. Not optimizing content as per changing search engine policies: Have you noticed how search engines change the way they react to blog and website content, from time to time? You need to modify the content of your blog, in order to ensure that it conforms to those modified guidelines. Otherwise, your blog may lose its position in SERP-s (search engine result pages) pretty soon.

2. Not submitting your blog links to online directories: Did you know that there are many popular blog directories out there, which deal with business blogs? Make it a point to submit links to your blog in at least 5 such directories every week. It will take very little time, and will get you quality clicks from visitors actually interested in content published on your blog. Do this today!

3. Not submitting blog links to social bookmarking websites: Do you submit links of your blog to social bookmarking websites like Delicious, Digg, and StumbleUpon? If not, then may we suggest you start doing it today? You are probably missing out on a wealth of quality clicks, without even realizing it. StumbleUpon is especially useful, when it comes to bringing lots of clicks to business blogs. Just make sure the content is written well, and you are likely to see a spike in the traffic flow to your blog soon.

4. Not using links to the blog on corporate profiles: Encourage the employees and directors in your company to use links to the home page of the blog in their corporate profiles. Put the link wherever you can – from e-mail signatures to business cards. The more your clients get to see the blog URL, the more likely they would be to check it out. And if you have high quality content in your blog, then you may actually get quite a few extra visitors. Do this now – it will only take a few minutes, after all!

5. Not providing a link to the blog on the home page of the corporate website: You would not believe how many people still make this mistake. Always put a link to the blog on the home page of your corporate website. That way, your blog will get a lot more clicks, and customers will also feel comfortable dealing with a company that has an active blog.

So, go ahead, avoid these pitfalls when blogging about your business. Your blog will get lots of extra traffic, and  your business will also gain the trust of more customers/ clients than ever before.

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