Power Blogging Ideas – Episode 1

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on March 24th, 2011 by Team Pi

For the last couple of weeks we discussed SEO, search engine strategies, and so forth…but it’s been a while since we talked about blogs or content. So, today why don’t we turn our attention back to this very basic, very old, but very crucial online marketing activity!

Every social media enthusiast and those who are managing online marketing strategies for business houses would promptly agree that no social media strategy can survive without blogging. Blogs are the best tools at one’s disposal to communicate ideas, opinions, and news with the web world at length.

However, even before you write a single word of content, you need to worry about which blog platform you will use. Well, in our opinion, when it comes to flexibility and stability, it’s hard to beat WordPress. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective platforms for managing web content and is used by professional bloggers all around the world. Now, it’s not enough to just create content and popularize the same. You also need to control the spammers and scammers who will inevitably clutter up your comments section once your blog starts becoming popular. While WordPress does provide a level of protection from these elements, sometimes you need a little bit of extra help. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins and widget to combat spamming:

• Akismet – is useful when you are looking to block spam comments on your blog. Akismet also verifies all comments against their web services to check whether or not they are spam.

• Bad Behavior – is a set of PHP scripts which helps you avoid ‘bad behavior’ and spam comments on your blog. This is quite popular and is extensively used by pro bloggers.

• Defensio – if you are looking for a spam filter, Defensio is what you need. This web service is very effective when you are looking to block spam comments on your blog.

That’s all for now…but we’ll be right back with more ideas and tips on blogging. Till then keep using these plugins and widgets when you’re publishing your blogs!

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