Power Blogging Ideas – Episode 2

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on March 31st, 2011 by Team Pi

In the first part of this article, we discussed WordPress and various widgets and plugins that would help bloggers fight spamming. Today, we will give 5 simple tips that would help you drive enormous traffic to your blog and enhance your web presence, but without indulging in complex strategies.

1. Stay active – You must understand that your online audience expects you to keep posting regular updates. Creating and publishing new blogs twice or thrice every week is the best way to establish a firm relationship with your audience. Substantial delay between posts would just drive your audience away.

2. Create ORIGINAL content – Whenever you mine the Internet for information to write your blogs, be careful that you do not use identical phrases or sentences from the source. In case you copy phrases from any article, your blog will be flagged as duplicate content, and this will definitely hamper your reputation on social media. So, every time you create fresh content make sure it’s indeed FRESH!

3. Blog post titles should be catchy – You may create great content, but the effort goes waste if your blog titles don’t capture the imagination of the reader. Unfortunately people still judge a book by its cover and a blog by its title. Boring, run-of-the-mill titles will just drive people away. Start reading some popular blogs and you can get an idea about how pro bloggers title their blogs.

4. Use Twitter and Facebook to promote your blog – You must learn to harness the power of two of the most popular social media platforms for promoting your blog. Moreover, there are different apps on Facebook which can extensively help you in popularizing your blog site.

5. Don’t just go on talking about yourself (or your business) – Social media is for everyone, and you must understand that your blogs can be even read by those who are not your existing customers. Constantly talking about yourself, your products, or your services is an ineffective way of marketing your business. Discuss news from the industry, the latest updates, and sometimes you can even go off-topic to post your two cents on some major global news item. Be an expert and a human being, not a shill.

Stay tuned for more information on blogging, we will be right back!

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