PPC Widely Used as a Marketing Tool

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on May 25th, 2010 by Team Pi

Marketing a product is of prime importance. Shoddy marketing strategies can destroy a good product whereas cutting edge strategies can generate huge sales for an average product. So how do we ensure that our advertisement is placed at the correct place where people will notice it?

The most widely used advertising model on the Internet is called PPC (pay per click). The advertiser and the publisher generally decide a fixed price on each click. That is how the host gets paid each time his ad is clicked. In the case of search engines, advertisers usually bid on keywords related to their target market before deciding the cost per click.

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Here a few tips on how PPC can be useful to you:-

  • You have to pay only when your ad is clicked.
  • You can start with an extremely low budget and increase the cost per click as your ad gets noticed.
  • It helps in directing more traffic to your Website. This will help in generating huge sales for your product.

Apart from the above tips, your ad has to be eye catching so that people are interested to know more about your product.

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