QR Codes: What’s The Deal With These Elements Of Digital Marketing?

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on October 26th, 2011 by Team Pi

QR codes have been around for quite a few years now. Some major businesses have been using these in their digital marketing campaigns, either in the form of product shots with numbers printed on top of those, or simple white strips with unique codes printed on those. However, in spite of extensive usage in various retail industries, using these codes in digital marketing campaigns was not too popular a tactic for quite some time. Sure, customers used these at times to get discounts or special offers, but overall QR codes were not popular enough to warrant attention from entrepreneurs.

The increased usage of mobile phones for shopping brought back QR codes into the picture, with a bang! Suddenly, every entrepreneur wanted to generate these picture based codes to attract more customers towards their business ventures. New innovations were being made on a regular basis, with every entrepreneur wishing to have unique looking QR codes to represent his (or her) business. And this trend seems to be going strong, even now.

QR codes may have been neglected for quite a few years, but now they are back to serve as useful digital marketing tools. In the coming days, expect to see even more innovations being made in these tools, and their popularity graph to be on a constant, upward flight.

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