Reining in Your Bounce Rate

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on December 17th, 2010 by Team Pi

A potential consumer sees a link you posted and it piques his interest. One click and he’s surfing your website, and you think you have him hooked. But in reality, all you have done is captured a fleeting moment of his attention. If he clicks away from your page without visiting any of the internal pages, it means that you have you have failed to hold on to his interest and he is probably not going to visit you again. The percentage of visitors who come to your site and then leave without exploring further is called the bounce rate, and no one needs to tell you, the higher this is, the worse it is for you and your business.

So how does one keep people from clicking away from your homepage? Well, you could read our list of tips of most effective to lower your bounce rate.

1)      Deliver what you promise: Misleading links and empty promises on social media websites may get you clicks, but people will move away and be sure to stay away the next time they see your name. In digital marketing, bad publicity is worse than no publicity.

2)      Use targeted keywords: Keywords are great for getting search engine rankings and drawing traffic to your site, but using misleading keywords or ones that are only tangentially related to your business, once again, gets you clicks but no business. Use SEO tools to find specific keywords related to your industry and you should be drawing in people who are far more likely to delve deeper into your website.

3)     Create an attractive landing page: People have short attention spans and little time. Unless you grab their attention in the first few seconds, you have lost them. This is tricky, and you need to think about your potential consumer base and their taste when you design the page. It goes without saying that websites selling jewelry and construction material should look (and read) different.

4)      No autoplay: Nothing makes a person reach for the “X” button faster than streaming music or video that he didn’t ask for. It’s irritating and intrusive. If you want your customers to stick around, do not autoplay media on your website.

5)     Make the important stuff prominent: If you have a big sale on, and are concentrating your marketing efforts to promoting that, display it prominently. People have come to your website with a purpose, and it’s usually to check out whatever you are focusing your current marketing effort towards.

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