Sency: Real Time Search for Your City

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on May 17th, 2010 by Team Pi

The ever-increasing need for current data with  latest timelines commenced a new discipline in the search paradigm – Real Time search. It generates current data in the form of status updates, posts, and information streaming from social media and social networking sites. Real time search results manifest the fast progress of social media as a powerful communication channel and marketing platform. There has been an explosive growth of social networking, subsequently compelling search engines to recognize the need for social data. People are interacting online at unprecedented rates, contributing useful content on current topics.

In this saga of real time movement, recently launched Sency for Cities is generating the latest buzz on the Web about a particular topic.  It is necessarily a city-centric search engine that allows you to see what is being said right now by the people in 13 major US cities:  Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC. Sency for Cities also shows you the trending topic in each city through ten current trends listed under the search box.  It can be very interesting to compare the current sentiment or mood prevailing in your city with that of the people in another city. It is a simple and user friendly interface that can be readily used by a layman to get the latest relevant scoops.

Besides enabling real time search, Sency offers two different feeds, namely, “Content Feed” and “Popular Links Feed” to help webmasters set real-time results on their sites. The content feed permits webmasters to display real time information on their sites at zero cost, thus adding updated information without travailing the Web for content manually. On the other hand, the popular links feed for Websites and blogs is used to display the most popular links of any given day for any search topic in order to attract more visitors.

“Real time search is exciting because it gives you a unique perspective into what the public is saying right now.  And, by being able to show what people are saying right now in a given city – it adds even more value to real time search as now users can see what a city is buzzing about – in real time” , says Evan Britton, the Founder of Sency.

According to Britton, the average site-visit of Sency is currently about 10,000 per day and between 120,000-150,000 unique users per month. His goal is to expand the user-base up to a million users per month while maintaining a low overhead.

With Twitter featuring over 55 million location-tagged status updates per day, Sency envisions the web as an exhaustive real-time data hub in times to come.

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