Simple Tips To Make Your Social Profiles SEO-friendly

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on July 12th, 2011 by Nisha

Social media and search engine optimization (SEO) are closer to each other than ever before. Now, we can hardly think of one without the other. On the other hand, Google keeps on experimenting with its algorithms, trying to bring a social element into the functioning of its search engine. Overall, there’s a lot you can do to make your social media profiles more SEO-friendly. A few simple practices can work wonders and even push your website to earn higher search engine ranking.

Besides the regular conversations in your different social networking communities, you can implement these 3 easy tips and promote your website(s) effectively.

Number 1: Using anchor text in your links while posting content on your Facebook pages is a good way of increasing the number of clicks to your website. For instance, you can do this easily when you are submitting an article in the ‘notes’ section of your Facebook page. However, you must use keywords relevant to your domain in the anchor text and drop in a link or two, when you publish an article in the ‘notes’ section of your Facebook page.

Number 2: Publishing links wherever you have such an option in your Facebook page is a great way to enhance your website’s SEO ranking. For instance, there’s an ‘About’ section on the left side of your Facebook page. Here you should always include the website URL and link it to your website.

Number 3: Your Twitter ‘Bio’ happens to be a meta description of your Twitter page. You must ensure you  include some keywords relevant to your niche and also relate to the subjects of your tweets. This is an effective way of promoting your website through Twitter.

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