Some SEO Tips

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on July 16th, 2010 by Team Pi

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves optimizing your site’s content for search engines. This will help to increase your website rank. It involves selecting certain keywords that a potential customer would use while searching for your products or services online. Ideally you need to have a list of 20-50 keywords for your site.

You then need to optimize your content with these keywords. You have to include these keywords in the content of each of your site’s pages. You can use 2-5 keywords per page. Apart from the visible content, the keywords should appear in the “Alt” tags and in the title of the post. You should also optimize the site’s code with the keywords including the title, description, and meta tags. Include the keywords in the URL too. Search engines also analyze the number of links to your site. This will help in brand awareness.

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