Spare the Newbies on Social Media and Blogging Portals

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on March 8th, 2010 by Team Pi

Social media has taken the world by storm, and most are already surfing high on it. But as Niall Harbison puts it, ‘throwing up a WP blog’ or ’setting up a Twitter account to get involved’ is not as easy as it seems. And this applies to people working on (and with) social media tools and application for the major part of their work-day. For sending out the first official tweet or publishing a post on a topic that concerns you or your business can literally give you the jitters. First impressions do matter here, and simple questions like “who will read my blog” and keep you on your toes – especially if you are not a seasoned internet marketer or social media person!

Driving a Car is Easier than Social Media?

Learning to drive is almost akin to probing your way into a social media tool. Learning the gear changes is equally unnerving as forming and editing your first tweet from your official Twitter account. And perhaps the former is easier – you can at least put the car on auto-pilot and rest for a while!

Where People Go Wrong

Most have got the basics of social media wrong – and either get slagged off for it or simply suspended for spamming! But these amateurs should be given their space and time to learn the intricate tricks of using social media as a business or communication tool. You need to understand that no-onecan be Michael Schumacher behind the wheels at his first driving lesson (apart from Schumacher himself!).

So instead of sniggering at newbies lost in the social media and blogging whirlpool, try guiding theme through. Share blogs, YouTube videos and tweets to help them find the way, rather than laughing it off at their inability to comprehend what seems so simple to you!

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