Study: How People Are Conducting Themselves Online

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on June 4th, 2010 by Team Pi

Pew Research had recently released a study that focused on people’s individual online identities. It focused on reputation management and what people are actually using the online social tools for. Search engines and social media have a central role to play in creating a person’s identity online.

The study found that a growing number of Internet users are using social media to reconnect with long-lost friends, and family members who stay in different parts of the world. 57% used a search engine to look up their name. 71% have changed their privacy settings to limit the information shared. 46% have their own social networking profile and 46% have searched for information on people from their past. Ironically, the most visible Internet users are the most active in limiting the information connected to their names online.

To read the full infographic created by Flowtown, click here.

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