Top Social Media Strategies to Engage Multicultural Consumers

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on April 23rd, 2010 by Team Pi

Your larger marketing strategy should be multicultural

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– Multicultural social media campaigning should not be a one-off activity.  Instead it should be a part of your larger marketing strategy.  An added advantage of adopting this approach is that your company can share niche social media marketing practices across demographics. Thus, instead of devising the means for each new targeted campaign, you can reuse existing best practices from your previous efforts and apply them to new campaigns.

Celebrate culture – The celebration of the culture and diversity of multicultural communities should be an integral part of your social media campaign. Feel free to highlight aspects of the culture of a particular group.

Do not encourage stereotyping – It is a common practice to leave things unspecified when you lack enough information on a subject. However, you need to be very careful while dealing with cultural issues as a lack of understanding can be disastrous in this case. Avoid relying on stereotypes when developing your campaign. Instead, base your understanding of cultural matters on consumer research and other credible sources.

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