Viadeo Makes It Big With 5 Open Social Apps in Its Kitty

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on April 12th, 2010 by Team Pi

Viadeo, the business networking service, has added five applications built on Google’s OpenSocial Platform. The apps are Google Presentation, YouTube, Twitter, PollDaddy, and a doc sharer called Ayos iShare. You can view Powerpoint presentations through Google and share them with the help of Google Presentation.  iShare will help you upload any file up to 100 MB and download on your accounts. You can post your Tweet automatically on your Viadeo page with the Twitter app.

In this fast updating digital age, all that matters is the utility of a new application so that it can stand the chance of staying longer in the market. Viadeo waits to see its influence on the social networking paradigm with the help of the new apps.

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