Web 2.0 takes English past the Million Mark!

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on June 18th, 2009 by Team Pi

It’s official. “English” is now a million words strong; and it’s “Web 2.0” that has helped propel the language past this lofty landmark!

Global Language Monitor (GLM), a U.S. based language monitoring firm, has recognized “Web 2.0” as the millionth word in the English language. GLM searches for new words being used on the Web, in print and in other media. According to GLM, the English language currently adds about one word in its kitty every 98 minutes! And any word that’s used over 25,000 times gets recognized as a part of the list.

Web 2.0 represents the second generation of Web development and Web design. It has facilitated communication, information sharing, and interoperability on the World Wide Web. Web 2.0 has given birth to thousands of communities, social-networking sites, and applications… and has revolutionized the way we work and relax.

GLM uses a sophisticated formula to track the frequency of words and phrases, and based on the results, finally decides whether a word can be recognized as a part of the language. However, some language experts doubt the methods used, and insist that it’s difficult to pinpoint how many times a word should be used before it is officially accepted.

Claims and counter-claims aside, social media has fundamentally changed the lives of almost everyone who uses the Internet, be it for work or for fun. Inclusion of terms like Web 2.0 in the lexicon shows how far reaching its impact has been.

It’s been a dizzying story of growth in the past few years. The “social media” phenomenon has revolutionized the language and our lives. What’s next? Any comments?

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