Where Is Digital Marketing Headed?

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on May 5th, 2010 by Team Pi

Businesses, worldwide are setting up their digital footprints. Digital marketing is gaining importance by the day due to huge competition in the digital world. New trends are emerging in digital marketing front which are going to change the face of online marketing for small businesses.

Online display and CPA: Online banner ads are getting better at local ad targeting. Major social networking sites are focusing on geography-based advertising for display ads. Another change in ad pricing is CPA or Cost Per Action, by the virtue of which you would only pay for your online display ad when there a desired action, like purchase, is carried out by a visitor.

Real time availability of a product in eCommerce websites: Small online retailers, with the help of latest technology, can sell their products in highly specialized eCommerce sites. Potential consumers can find real time availability of a product in these specialized sites.

Social media advertising: Advertising on social media sites is becoming an important tool for bringing traffic to your site and increasing your brand visibility.

Mobile marketing: Advertising by sending text messages, application development, and other mobile tools are gaining popularity due to its wide reach among consumers. Mobile marketing also generates maximum consumer responses.

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