Who Tops The Search Engine List?

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on May 19th, 2010 by Team Pi

Nielsen has conducted a survey on the market shares of major search engines for the month of April. According to the survey, Google tops the chart with a 65.1%, a slight drop from the 65.7% it had in March. In the second spot is Yahoo with a 13.5 % share. Bing made a major comeback with an all-time-high of 12.9% market share.  Going by the video market share numbers for unique viewership, YouTube has the highest number of unique viewers (97,115), followed by Yahoo (27,579), Facebook (24,248), and Bing (14,654) in April.

Another list of top online video brands ranked by video streams in April was also released by the company. The result was predictable, with YouTube (4,943,288) topping the list. Hulu (687,860) is in the second spot followed by Yahoo (204,086), and Bing (14,654).

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