Why eBooks should play a role in your online marketing strategy

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on April 30th, 2010 by Nisha

ebookseBooks are nothing new to most computer users. This highly popular medium of reading, which essentially consists of books that are readable on computers, has made it possible to greatly extend one’s library. However, it has also reduced the cost of producing books to a great extent, leading to obvious popularity of the genre among business owners.
An eBook requires only a fraction of the investment that one would have to make for producing paperback or hardcover versions. This reduction in cost of production makes it possible for someone to produce a large number of books in a short time, making these a great way for making money online. However, these eBooks can serve another purpose, as excellent online marketing tools. if you can popularize eBooks that you publish, then you can successfully use those as marketing tools.

How to increase popularity of your eBooks

  • Embed additional elements: eBooks may not necessarily contain just text and images. You can embed a lot of stuff in an eBook, including small videos, surveys, order forms, interactive quizzes, and a whole lot more. This not only  makes the eBook more appealing to readers, but also makes it an excellent marketing tool, especially if you include links to yours and partners’ websites in those applications.
  • Update regularly: You can update an eBook on almost a regular basis if you wish, for very little investment. This is quite different from paperbacks and hardcover editions, which would have to be sent for an all new print run. If you provide the updated versions for free to subscribers, then you would be able to quickly build up a faithful customer base.
  • Make more profit: You can offer the updated versions of eBooks to new subscribers for slightly greater prices than previous versions, thus improving your profit margin steadily over time. This would obviously exclude existing subscribers.

eBooks are real cash cows in today’s market, and double up as highly efficient marketing tools as well.

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Read more about how you can exploit the true potential of this medium, right here.

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