Woopra – Does It Score Over Other Web Analytics Services?

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on November 14th, 2009 by Team Pi

If you’re wondering what the buzz about Woopra is all about, go ahead and take a look at this new traffic statistic tool launched by iFusion Labs LLC. Chances are that it could soon replace your favorite stats application. And here’s why.

Serious Eye Candy and Real Time Reporting

Woopra: Serious Eye Candy and Real Time Reporting

Woopra has a great interface to begin with. The information is detailed, and very neatly displayed. You can see which part of the world your visitors come from, what page they are viewing, and even what operating system or browser they are using. Add to this the ability to view the information in bar and pie charts. The software has a very intuitive feel to it, and the server architecture is certainly radical. And what’s more, Woopra offers a desktop application that will allow you to monitor your stats on your PC and MAC.

Another great thing about Woopra is that it doesn’t keep you waiting. The stats programs are updated at least once every day, and this will let you track over 40 different statistical analytics and events instantaneously. You can track your visitors as they come and go.

If you’re thinking of similar real-time tracking features that are available at pMetrics, Woopra scores again. With Woopra, you have the additional benefit of chatting with visitors. Here is one web analytics service that believes in the importance of communication and feedback, and effectively breaks down the virtual barrier between visitors and the webmaster.

Admittedly, Woopra has left me feeling very enthusiastic. However, in case you are wondering if there’s a flip side to it, I have to say that it does come with its share of shortcomings. Using Woopra is likely to take a toll on your server bandwidth.  Even though the installation process in itself is quite simple, the application’s real-time reporting functionality has a good chance of increasing the page-load time.

Woopra users also need to be aware of its one big slip. With all that jazz, Woopra does not provide adequate support to online businesses. Not right away, that is. If you’re the kind who would use web analytics services not just for the feel-good factor, but also some actual money-making stuff, it might be a good idea to stick to Google analytics for the time being. Woopra does not really offer any special features for businesses with an online presence. However, the good part is that it’s still under development, and they might just think of something to work around this problem.

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6 Responses to “Woopra – Does It Score Over Other Web Analytics Services?”

  1. Lorelle Says:

    Thanks for taking time to review and report on Woopra. We’re really excited to be coming out of beta. The next release will be out very soon and we’ve got some great things in the pipeline that are going to continue to rock the analytics world, so stay tuned.

    As for Woopra being heavy on bandwidth and such, did you actually test it? We’d love to know what the load is, as our tests show it as much less than Google Analytics. All the heavy lifting is done by us on our servers, collecting the data and serving it up to the desktop client (which uses your computer’s CPU to crunch the data and display the eye candy stats and analytics), web app, and soon-to-be-released mobile app. So your site never sees the pain or load unlike self-hosted stats programs.

    As for the support, we’d love to talk to you more about what that means. We have a small team but we all work overtime to help out on our forum, Twitter, blog, and other social services. We’d love to know what more you would need.

    Thanks! And hold on. We’ve got some great stuff coming up!

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  3. Jessica Alabama Says:

    @Lorelle, I quite agree with you there. I have no fancy benchmarking tools for accurate measurements, but I notice no slowing down of my site after installing Woopra. I don’t know about earlier versions, but the current one is appreciably fast.

  4. Sylvie Parker Says:

    I frankly don’t know whether Woopra is good or bad, but so far I haven’t experienced any problems while using it. But its still a new software, and we might just be counting our chickens before they hatch.

  5. Matt Wilson Says:

    The fact that Woopra is a Dallas based company makes me love them and my hopes for their growth in the long run however if you’d like to make an apple-to-apple comparison, I would suggest you try out GetClicky as well and make a comparison with GetClicky vs Woopra. The features that are mentioned here except the real time chat option has been with GetClicky since I had opened my account with them (about 8 month now). You can follow real-time stats that has been enthused for Woopra on GetClicky along with the keywords / pages while you visitors are crawling.

    While you were discussing cons, I think you had some misjudgments. First off, it is a desktop application. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to run 10 applications on my machine, I’d rather have Firefox / IE / Opera have my analytics / advertisement / emails etc. for me. Second, as far as CEO of Woopra mentioned on his video (watched on their blog) he says, they are queuing the new signups and will approve them as they add new servers to the system. Giving my analytics data to a start-up company that might make a mistake and by accident have a crash in their DB which will cause me to loose my analytics data is scary.

    Having said all these negative things, I wish them true luck and hope they can grow this product to a level of maturity where they don’t have to roll-out changes daily basis and make this business successful.

  6. Lorelle Says:

    @Matt Wilson: The video you are referring to, and a lot of the information, is from our beta time period. Anyone can sign up for free or for one of the paid plans with no wait time. All web analytics programs run the risk of downtime, including Google Analytics. Luckily, our CEO is one of the world’s experts in servers, so our servers set up are some of the best in the industry.

    Woopra has been offering live real-time analytics since 2008, one of the first. We release updates to the servers frequently, rarely noticed by users, and are about to release the first major update to the Woopra Desktop Client since November and the feature set is very exciting.

    Thanks for your input.

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